2009 Awards Presented By Fremont Chamber


Steve Harris & Kimberly Scrivner accept their 2009 award for their work on the Troll's Knoll

On December 2, 2009 at the Fremont Studios, the Fremont Chamber presented their awards for outstanding achievements in making our neighborhood awesome!  These were distributed during the Annual Holiday Party by our King of Oktoberfest. 

Winners are:

Formal Awards

2009 Jim Daly, Press On Regardless, Award:  Nathan Marion, and Fremont Abbey Arts Center

for reviving the Fremont Village (a.k.a. Upper Fremont/Fremont Highlands/Up The Hill)

2009 Bertha K. Landes Award (The Big Bertha) for taking charge:  Virginia Swanson

for making possible Fremont Street Fair, Solstice Parade, Fun Run, Oktoberfest, Trolloween, Soapbox Derby, etc.

2009 Fremont Patches Pal Award:  John Hamer and the Washington News Council

for bringing Gridiron West to Fremont, all the fun and fabulousness that went with it, and even more Suzies…

2009 Hammering Man:  The 2009 Fremont Arts Council Interim Board – Leslie Zenz, David Ruggiero, Maque daVis, Barb Luecke, Jessica Randall, Eli Bowen, Jerry Smith, Michael Falcone, Rachel Sprague

for keeping the fun in Fremont art by stepping in when times got tough

2009 Local Hero Award:  DeeDee Footer

for striving to keep us safe from crime and disasters, and that’s not the only reason we’ll miss you!


Unique Awards:

The Mark Twain Award:  Jon Hegeman

for a visionary who creates the myths and that builds a foundation beneath our unique and colorful culture

The Golden Boomerang Award:  Ryan Thurston

Come back to us, please!

The Purple Heart Award:  Marko Tubic

for best use of a duck quack, and surviving your seventh term as President (we really will try to make eight easier…promise!)

The Rookie Award:  Pat Carr

for showing up enthusiastically, then asking for more!

The He-Won’t-Like-That Award:  Kimberly Scrivner, Steve Harris and the Friends of the Troll’s Knoll

for fearlessly cleaning and improving the area around the Fremont Troll (and giving us the Troll’s Knoll)

The Hostess-with-the-Most-est Award:  Victoria Odell

for hosting us (more than once!) and for the speediest of events!

The Gone But Not Forgotten Award:  Riq Molina

for taking us with you wherever you roam…

The Dead Center of the Universe Award:  Ryan Reiter, Jon Hegeman and the Outdoor Movie crew

for showing off viral marketing at its best, and choosing Fremont in which to do it

The Closer Award:  Jessica Vets, Executive Director Extraordinaire

for gaining us more members (in a recession), more premier members (in a recession), Speed Networking (’nuff said), making Fremont look energetic, active and the place to be (in a recession), saving our bacon (often), making us look tech-savvy (against all odds), being you, etc.

The Greaser Award:  Tim Durkan, Neighborhood Service Center Coordinator

for greasing the wheels (and sidewalks) of City Hall and government bureaucracy to make Fremont flourish

The Not-Just-Any-Port (Commissioner) Award:  Bill Bryant

for fighting to keep real estate taxes low, and thereby building more goodwill at the Port!

The It’s-Not-Over-‘Til-I-Say-So Award a.k.a. The Shackleton Award:  Suzie Burke

for constantly showing us that just because, well, everyone said we couldn’t fight City Hall didn’t mean we would just give up, ever!

 — by Kirby Lindsay, of Fremocentrist.com


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