46th Mural Needs Your Input

Artists and their Canvas Mar 10

Susan Brown, Todd Lown and Kristin Ramirez listen beneath a photo of their potential "canvas" at the 46th Street Community Meeting - photo by K. Lindsay

On Tuesday, March 2nd, a group of concerned community members gathered at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center to discuss the 46th Street Mural – and met the artists who will submit final mural designs.   Artists Kristen Ramirez, Susan Brown and Todd Lown will submit designs for  north wall (and pillars) of North 46th Street where it passes underneath Aurora Avenue/Hwy 99.

At the end of a lively discussion about what attendees did and did not want in the mural – and what they see when use the underpass (on foot, bicycle or cars) – the 46th Street Mural organizers asked for everyone to go to the on-line survey they’ve created.

Designs by each of the chosen artists will be made public soon, and be subject to a vote by the community to choose the most popular one.  The plan currently is to paint the mural – using volunteers from the community and members of Urban Artworks – in July/August of 2010.  For more information check out their page on Facebook, or contact them at 46thstmural@gmail.com

– by Kirby Lindsay, of Fremocentrist.com


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