Health and Wellness Group Meeting


Monday, March 8th, was the first meeting for the Fremont Health and Wellness Group. A lively meeting of over 40 people congregated to share and connect. Many sited the need for networking and referrals as the main reason they attended the meeting. But there were many comments about community and a great feeling of connected energy in the room.

The meeting was held at Nalanda West, 3902 Woodland Park Ave N, an excellent space with plenty of room to accommodate all the participants. After a brief mingling period the group sat at tables and went round to hear about each person in the room. In addition to name, company and description of services, each person said something about what they wanted to see with the group going forward. The ensuing presentations were fascinating.

There is such a diversity in Fremont of what one might think would be homogeneous group. The first to speak was Carrie Lafferty, from the University District who is now going to work with the University District Chamber to set up a similar group in that neighborhood; Carrie was one of the Feldenkrais Teachers who came to the group through a connection with Mary Morrison, a Feldenkrais in Fremont who has attended past Fremont Chamber events. We went on to hear from acupuncturists, massage therapists, one Rolfer – Mélanie Holt, who corrected me that speaker Connie Carlson does very similar work, as a structural massages therapist, but is not a Rolfer in name. We had an Environmental Engineer, Dan Morris, who helps in commercial and residential spaces to ensure your environment is not harming you. And George Tomisser, an Architect who helps health and wellness practitioners to have a space that works with their practice not against it — George was also the winner of our door prize, a signature facial from Leaf and Water Holistic Spa in Fremont. Holly Luedke from Leaf and Water Holistic Spa filled us in on how she looks beyond pampering to how skin care can rejuvenate the whole body. Cherie Byrd from Kissing School made everyone laugh and feel the spirit of fun in her work with couples to unravel their emotions and learn to feel again. Dave Merrill, who attended for friend Tracy, talked about how we are all candidates for his breathing training and the importance of good breath. Mia Angela actually showed us how she can improve posture — over the phone!! By walking us through an exercise that physically and mentally reminded us of how our posture affects mood.

Beyond practitioners of Holistic health we had the practical businesses too. Dr. Marty Cahn, MD,PS, a Seattle Magazine “Top Doctor in Seattle”, joked that he is an Allopathic practitioner… i.e. a traditional doctor! And Dr. Jennifer Daniels talked about her “birth to grave” clinic in Fremont Village (upper Fremont) that caters to children, but tends to see the whole family. My favorite examples (shows my bias towards business) was from Kathy Turner of Custom Smoothie; Kathy talked about her partnerships with area businesses and how she and her twin sister have grown to own two shops due to their creative promotions.

And there were many Fremont Chamber members at the meeting, not already mentioned Mia Stephens from Fremont Spine and Wellness, who talked about how her own injuries got her involved with a pursuit of wellness for others. Mia was also one of the first people to talk with me about setting up a Health and Wellness Group in Fremont, her passion for wellness as well as her love of Fremont are an asset to the community. Marsha Novak from Moving Well Physical Therapy who is mostly on Bainbridge now, but just cannot seem to leave Fremont forever. There are many practitioners whom I have not mentioned, all have wonderful stories of energy and strength.

The practitioners at Dragonfly Holistic Healing (Susan Moore, Karah Pino, Michaela Wehner and Karin Granstrom) will be hosting next month’s Health and Wellness group in Fremont were present through the room as well. This community based clinic has been inspirational in making this meeting happen, I thank them for their help along with Laura Yon-Brooks of Planet Earth Yoga Center, who was not able to make the meeting.

April Fremont Health and Wellness Group Meeting

Monday, April 12, 6pm to 8pm

Dragonfly Holistic Healing
760 N. 34th St. Seattle, WA 98103 — (206) 319-5323

All who aspire and work in Health and Wellness in the Fremont area are welcome to attend this meeting,  sponsored by the Fremont Chamber and possible through the membership of area businesses.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or other, please contact Jessica Vets, Executive Director of the Fremont Chamber at 206.632.1500 or


One Response to “Health and Wellness Group Meeting”

  1. Kathy Turner Says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention, looking forward to building a strong and productive Health and Wellness Community! Thank you Jessica for all you hard work and efforts.

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