What’s this about Shameless


So many people ask me – Shameless Self-Promotion? Really? But the Fremont Chamber is a place that not only allows shameless self-promotion we dedicate two meetings a year to nothing but shameless self-promotion. This round robin style of networking allows a whole room of people to not only hear about your business — BUT almost more importantly, you get to hear about all of their businesses!! This puts a weeks worth of walking Fremont into a one and half hour lunch.

But you do need to make sure and be prepared for the Shameless lunch:

– Bring lots of business cards

– Bring brochures and other printed literature about your company to pass out at each person’s seat

– Bring a pad of paper to take notes — who do you hear that you want to connect with, what are their needs, goals and how can you help them.

– Bring a smile and a little quirky fun with you…

And have a blast!!

We will be enjoying a buffet lunch at LDT tomorrow: pulled pork and beef sliders, caesar salad, and mushroom soup with brownies for dessert.

Hope you can join us – RSVP online here: April 18, Shameless Lunch


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