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Aurora Safety Barrier Construction Update

March 2, 2010
Arial shot of Aurora Bridge by WSDOT

George Washington Memorial Bridge a.k.a. Aurora Bridge 2002 photo by WSDOT

Greg Phipps of the Washington Department of Transportation sent out an update on contruction plans for the safety barrier for the Aurora Bridge.

Based on early conversations with the contractor we expect that preliminary construction will start in Spring of 2010.  Preliminary construction involves verifying the location of rebar in the bridge deck and then drilling holes in the deck at locations where the fence will be bolted.  Once preliminary work is completed, and approved by our bridge engineers, the contractor can submit their order to the fence manufacturer.

Our contract allows double lane closures in one direction overnight and single lane closures during the day between the morning and afternoon commute.  The number of lanes closed is based on traffic volumes. We can close more lanes at night because there’s less traffic.  However, our contractor may be able to install the fence with fewer lane closures than are allowed in the contract. We should know more details in the next few weeks.

Construction noise is an uncertain factor right now. We know the work will be noisy, especially the drilling I mentioned earlier. If the contractor can work during the day, the noise won’t have as much of an effect on those near the bridge as it would have at night when people are trying to sleep.  We have noise variances from the city of Seattle for night work and will notify bridge neighbors before it begins, and will take all reasonable steps to minimize noise. Again, we will know more about the extent of night work in the next few weeks.

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