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FCC Board Sez: Support Your Local News Sites

March 31, 2010

In March 2010, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce leadership decided to back off growing their own blog – this one – and urge membership, visitors and YOU – to visit the two neighborhood news blogs for Fremont.

Fremont has been fortunate to be chosen by two outstanding news sources for coverage. provides great breaking news coverage, as well as a neighborhood forum, info on the restaurants and tech companies of the neighborhoods, a photo gallery and a calendar.  Produced by Next Door Media, this neighborhood news blog welcomes news items from all Fremonsters at offers a wealth of information on the history, people, events, art and organizations that make Fremont what it is.  Written by long-time Fremonster, Kirby Lindsay (that’d be me), this site also has a comprehensive community calendar.  Additions to the calendar, or heads up about area activities, can be sent to

The Fremont Soapbox will continue to provide a forum for  Fremont Chamber of Commerce members, but for  news and notices about the area – support your local news sites!