FCC Board Sez: Support Your Local News Sites


In March 2010, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce leadership decided to back off growing their own blog – this one – and urge membership, visitors and YOU – to visit the two neighborhood news blogs for Fremont.

Fremont has been fortunate to be chosen by two outstanding news sources for coverage.

FremontUniverse.com provides great breaking news coverage, as well as a neighborhood forum, info on the restaurants and tech companies of the neighborhoods, a photo gallery and a calendar.  Produced by Next Door Media, this neighborhood news blog welcomes news items from all Fremonsters at tips@fremontuniverse.com

Fremocentrist.com offers a wealth of information on the history, people, events, art and organizations that make Fremont what it is.  Written by long-time Fremonster, Kirby Lindsay (that’d be me), this site also has a comprehensive community calendar.  Additions to the calendar, or heads up about area activities, can be sent to instigator@fremocentrist.com

The Fremont Soapbox will continue to provide a forum for  Fremont Chamber of Commerce members, but for  news and notices about the area – support your local news sites!


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